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Making tasks easier with drone technology

Drone technology has widened the possibilities for photography and videography. One can now skip expensive helicopter rides just to get breathtaking snaps of landscapes and events. Drones effectively cut the cost and revolutionized the mechanics of aerial photography and videography. However, not everyone can fly a drone. Flying a drone requires proper legal procedures, and drone pilots must observe state regulations. Furthermore, drone operation requires knowledge, skills, and experience.

This is where SkyGuide LLC can help you. Mr. Seth Rekucki is an FAA-licensed drone operator in Vancouver, Washington. With his solid background in photography and videography, he can provide you with high-quality aerial photos and videos that fit your purpose and specifications.

Services We Offer

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Real Estate Photography

With the tough competition in the real estate industry today, the demand for real estate photography cannot be understated. Real estate photos are every agent’s primary tool in attracting home buyers’ attention. Whether you are a real estate company or a freelance agent, we can help you by providing you with high-quality, professional-looking real estate photos.

construction site

Construction Photography

Whether it is for mapping or documentation purposes, SkyGuide LLC can help you keep track of your construction progress. With the use of drones, navigation of construction job sites has never been this convenient. Drones can provide you and your customers with high-quality and detailed images without disrupting work activities on site.


For inquiries and quotations, please contact Mr. Seth Rekucki via phone at 360-921-9868 or email at For appointments and engagements, the travel fee is free for the first 50 miles from Mr. Rekucki’s location. Farther distances will cost $0.75 per mile plus additional expenses.

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